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Local Housing Allowance rates

Local Housing Allowance Rates for the Plymouth Local Authority

Here is the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rate based on the details you have given.

Where you get more than one set of LHA rates returned you can select ‘Previous’ and try a full postcode search (e.g. CB24 2AE). If in any doubt as to which LHA rate applies, contact the housing benefit department at the local authority.

Weekly LHA rate for May 2022

Plymouth BRMA

Shared Accommodation Rate:
£73.50 per week
One Bedroom Rate:
£103.56 per week
Two Bedrooms Rate:
£134.63 per week
Three Bedrooms Rate:
£159.95 per week
Four Bedrooms Rate:
£195.62 per week

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  • Housing Benefit is administered by local councils. For all claim enquiries, including anything related to your personal circumstances, please contact your local council.

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Published: 22/02/2024 23:19:14 GMT